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South Africa’s PREMIUM Transport Emergency Card (TEC™)


The handling and transportation of dangerous goods, toxic substances and hazardous materials is serious business – not complying with regulatory requirements could cost your company in money and its reputation.

For end-to-end dangerous goods compliance , turn to the experts. DGR Compliance offers turnkey services for all your legal, safety and training responsibilities in the transportation and warehousing of dangerous goods.



Expert-driven dangerous goods consulting services and legislation compliance audits

Dangerous Good Services

& Solutions

Drawing on extensive experience gained through many years working in the field of logistics management, DGR Compliance Solutions’ approach to dangerous goods safety and compliance stems from a complete understanding of the complexities, requirements and challenges of the transport industry.

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Certified hazmat training courses, workshops and seminars for all levels of staff

Accredited Training

Service Provider

DGR Compliance Solutions is accredited by TETA, Department of Transport (DOT) and ETDP-SETA to provide training solutions that are focused on your specific requirements and business needs.

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Suppliers of transport emergency cards (trem card, safety signage, documents, etc.

Transport Emergency Cards

& Dangerous Goods Regulation

DGR Compliance Solutions supplies a wide range of mandatory hazchem and safety signage and accessories as well as document services and licensing advice, and vehicle emergency information systems in line with South African legislation.

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Dangerous goods transportation is regulated by the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996

Dangerous Goods


The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations as set out in South African legislation are intended to promote the safe transportation of hazardous material through the effective management of systems and processes.

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