South Africa's PREMIUM Transport Emergency Card (TEC™)


At DGR Compliance Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of SAQA accredited hazardous goods training courses as well as turnkey consulting services in dangerous goods transportation, warehousing and legislation.

Not only is our training programme on-going, extensive and certified, but our trainers, moderators and consultants have also been individually accredited and approved to provide training that meets the standards laid down by educational authorities in line with the latest South African dangerous goods regulations.

To view or download any of our training certificates, simply click on the thumbnails below:


Company Accreditations

Department of Transport Accreditation

TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority) Accreditation

Team Accreditations

Eddie Crane

ETDP SETA Accreditation No: US-9681

TETA SETA Accreditation No

Moderator: TETA-MODR: 09-264

Assessor: TETA-ASSR08-1689

Team Accreditations


Sherry Merensky

ETDP SETA Accreditation No: US-60388

TETA SETA Accreditation No

Moderator: TETA-MODR: 14-88

Assessor: TETA-ASSR09-2422

Government Accreditations

B-BBEE Compliance Certificate